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    Ridgetop Commons is managed by Capitol Management Corporation.

    Our Community Manager is Peyton Harris III 
    He can be contacted by:
    Phone:(703) 934-5200

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    Paint Color Information

    General Information

    You can do whatever you want to the inside of your house. The outside has to use the approved paint colors, and the colors can't change - even to a different approved color - without approval from the HOA board.

    Help Please: The listing of colors used by the original builders has been lost to time. If you have any information about what colors were used, please contact us.

    More details about the paint colors used in our community are available in the sections below.

    Exterior colors

    Approved exterior paint colors for doors and shutters are from the McCormick Paint Exterior Windows and Doors collection.  The following colors has been approved by the board and must be reflected on architectural applications.

    • Old Carriage Brown (223)
    • Takoma (232)
    • Fenwick (244)
    • Dominion (236)
    • Susquehanna (243)
    • Black (200)

    Interior colors

    If you're trying to match to original builders paint colors, the following colors have been confirmed to match:

      Color Location(s) Used
      McCormick interior latex flat:
      14013 Shell White
      Interior walls
      McCormick semi-gloss acrylic enamel:
      18012 Designer White
      Interior trim