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    Managed By

    Ridgetop Commons is managed by Capitol Management Corporation.

    Our Community Manager is Peyton Harris III 
    He can be contacted by:
    Phone:(703) 934-5200

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    Fairfax Center Recreation Association (FCRA)

    The FCRA is the organization formed to manage and maintain the pool, clubhouse, and tot lot located at 11550 Cavalier Landing Court - in the Wescott Ridge community. All members of Ridgetop Commons, Wescott Ridge, and Parkside at Fairfax Center HOAs are automatically members of the FCRA. FCRA dues are included in your monthly payments to the Ridgetop Commons HOA. Meetings of the FCRA board take place at the pool clubhouse on the second Thursday of every month.

    The pool is typically open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, from 10AM - 9PM. Pool passes and more detailed information are mailed to owners in mid-May or earlier.

    • Pool Clubhouse Amenities

      The pool clubhouse features a kitchen, lots of room, comfortable furniture, a large-screen TV, a stereo system, and a karaoke machine.

      It's available for rental year-round by contacting Service First Management & Consulting and specifically Nancy Wagner at 703-392-6006x205. It costs $100 to rent and also requires a $200 security deposit. More details are available on the application form found on SFMC's website. The application form can also be found here, although that one's not guaranteed to be up to date.

    • Official FCRA Documents

      FCRA Articles of Incorporation - The original document establishing the FCRA as a non-stock, non-profit corporation and the three property owners (originally Centex, Winchester, and Coscan; now Wescott Ridge HOA, Parkside at Fairfax Center HOA, and Ridgetop Commons HOA, respectively) as members.

      FCRA Declaration - The original document establishing the FCRA HOA and its management/enforcement.

      FCRA Supplementary Declaration - I don't know the full history here, but it looks like Coscan sold Ridgetop Commons to Brookfield and this supplement to the FCRA declarations basically says that everything in the declarations which mentions Coscan will now apply to Brookfield. Of course, the current owner of the property in question is the Ridgetop Commons HOA, so it all means Ridgetop Commons now. I am not a lawyer, by the way.

      FCRA Bylaws - The original document establishing the FCRA HOA bylaws.

      FCRA Policy Resolution 2006-01A - A resolution passed by the HOA in 2006 relating to how money is collected from the member HOAs and how late payments are handled.

      FCRA Board Meeting Minutes - Posted meeting minutes to the previous months' FCRA Board meetings.

      FCRA Budget - The most recent budget adopted for 2015.

      Independent Auditor's Report - The most recent independent auditor's report conducted in 2013